What are your rates?

Utility Patents range from $45 to $85+/sheet, depending on complexity. Design Patents range from $80 to $120/view, also depending on complexity. Rates are determined based on the time they take to produce and the quality of the source material. Initially, it is best to request we quote your projects in advance.

What is your standard turnaround time?

We utilize a 3-week turnaround schedule. This allows flexibility for scheduling inevitable rush jobs. We ask clients to provide final deadline dates so we may best schedule our illustrators’ production time.

What is your fee for rush services?

We currently do not charge a rush fee. If we can complete your project within the timeframe requested, only normal fees apply.

How is disclosure of my intellectual property protected?

Download our Confidentiality Agreement, fill it out and email it to us. We will sign and return a copy to you. You may also send us your own non-disclosure agreement for us to review and sign.

What should I send in order for you to prepare a quote and/or our final drawings?

We created a Project Submission Checklist to assist you with gathering all the materials that will best assist us. We ask that you send ALL related material (including PPT/Word files, color images, previously prepared and/or similar work, editable engineering drawings, notes, or anything else that will assist in clearly defining what your drawings need to contain). The better the source material, the less time will be involved in preparing your drawings.

NOTE: Please convert Visio, AutoCAD or SolidWorks files to pdf format.

How long do you retain a copy of my drawings?

We archive all work indefinitely, using both an in-house server and an off-site encrypted server.

What software do you use to create my drawings?

We use Adobe products exclusively and prepare drawings using Illustrator.

What format are the files you send to me?

All files are sent as a grouped pdf file and are ready for uploading directly to the USPTO and other entities. We prepare files in either Letter size (for USPTO) or A4 size (for US or foreign filing), according to your preference.